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    How to Make Authentic Sichuan Spicy Chili Oil Recipe

    How to make authentic Sichuan spicy chili oil recipe? Today I’m going to reveal Sichuan Chef’s secret recipes!



    1/4 of a cup of red pepper flakes
    A pinch of salt
    1/2 of a cup of vegetable oil
    1 raw cinnamon
    1 tablespoon of star anise
    1 tablespoon of Sichuan pepper corns
    3 bay leaves


    In a bowl, add


    Amazing Scallops Recipe with CiCi Li and Chef Jason! CiCiLicious Vlog #77

    Food, Travel, Lifestyle Videos — Be happy and be CiCiLicious!


    I don’t know about you, but I really love scallops. Today let’s learn how to make amazing pan seared scallops with Chef Jason. You know what I truly think about Chef Jason’s scallops? It’s a perfect bite! Every elements just complementary with each other perfectly! Triomphe itself is a tribute to simplicity of design, with a “jewel box” atmosphere filled with quiet conversations and delicious aromas. A perfect respite from the bustling streets of the city, Triomphe lounge features expert mixologists serving one of a kind cocktails and an expertly chosen wine selections. Triomphe continues to earn high honors with a 25 for food and service in the 2012 Zagat ratings.

    Scallop Recipe:

    4 large u-10 diver sea scallops

    4 medium porcini mushrooms sliced

    1 tbs porcini butter

    1 cup chicken stock

    ½ cup heavy cream

    1 tbs chopped parsley

    ½ tsp truffle oil

    Basil oil for drizzle

    Salt & pepper to taste

    ½ tsp blended oil for searing

    49 West 44th St.
    NYC, NY 10036
    (212) 453-4233


    One response to “Amazing Scallops Recipe with CiCi Li and Chef Jason! CiCiLicious Vlog #77”

    1. Larry Mayer says:

      I have seen this recipe and would like to posit that no matter how “CiCilicious” this may be, I am more a fan of the base flavor of foods and scallops have a unique sweetness and texture I do not like to cover up with rich sauces.

      The easiest and most flavor enhancing way to prepare scallops is to rinse and pat dry then pan sear hot with a light sprinkle of sea salt and black or white pepper seared in a combination of butter (or Smart Balance if concerned about butter) and olive or peanut/sesame oil till browned/caramelized evenly on both sides and translucent in the middle. Serve hot-immediately.

      Always your fan! 🙂

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