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    8 Cool Ways to Wrap Dumplings, CiCi Li


    In the last episode, I showed you how to make dumplings filling, wrap dumplings, and cook dumplings. In this episode, I’d like to show you 8 cool ways to wrap dumplings!


    1. Pleated dumpling
    First fold in half. Pinch the middle of both sides. Then pleat it like this. 1, 2, 3.


    【旅行天下】CiCi Li’s 俄罗斯之旅 – 圣彼德堡(下) Russia St. Petersburg Episode II


    Today’s journey starts with chef Marco preparing caviar pancakes. Then will have the pleasure of following M. Yuri Zemtsov one of Russia’s most renowned architects. And finally, after a training session, the curtain will raise on Swan Lake.


    2 responses to “【旅行天下】CiCi Li’s 俄罗斯之旅 – 圣彼德堡(下) Russia St. Petersburg Episode II”

    1. Kit says:

      CiCi, I am your fan. I’m also a foodie. Your presentation and PR skills are excellent. You make everything look so wonderful and delicious. I truly admire you. On top of TV programs, perhaps in the future, I’d like to see you publishing some informative articles on magazines too. You could guide Chinese people where and how to have varieties of delicious foods. Anyhow, you are very sweet and energetic! I love your energy. Keep up the good work! 我們都很愛你!粉可愛!

    2. Alex Patrick says:

      Hello Cici, thanks for the kind words on my youtube and twitter! You’re a very sweet person. I Hope to know you better and become good friends with you.
      ~Alex Patrick

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