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    吃的快樂 吃的健康~ Happy eating and healthy eating!

    As the weather turns colder, my craving for hearty and comfort food grows excessively. Hmm, waffles, hotpot, beef stew, pasta with ragu sauce all of a sudden all seem so heavenly. Do you by any chance have this craving too?


    Hey but did you know that this is all normal according


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    Things You Must Do in Riga Latvia Eastern Europe 東歐美食旅遊

    Have you ever traveled to a country and think that. This place is very similar to such and such places but yet still quiet different? For me, Latvia is one of those places. Latvia was ruled by Germany, Poland, Sweden, and Russia. And it took the best from each culture and developed into today’s unique and charming Latvia. The capital city of Riga is well known for its Art Nouveau architecture. It’s also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. They date back to the late 1800s and early 1900s.

    Visit Rio in Brazil 巴西 Part 2 [CiCi Li, The VIP Pass, 悠游贵宾卡]

    【新唐人2013年12月25日讯】【旅行天下】(2-69)CiCi悠游贵宾卡(7):里约人有种快乐的特质,正向思考笑看人生。Rio is known as the city of wonders! Personally I think this city is just simply magical. The people here are so fun and welcoming. They really know how to enjoy their lives. They would go to work in the morning, and after they are done with their day, they would go directly to the beach. That seems like a dream come true to me! Oh, by the way, the people here are called Carioca. But what’s really a Carioca?

    【旅行天下】CiCi Li 悠游贵宾卡 The VIP Pass, Puerto Rico

    【新唐人2013年11月19日讯】【旅行天下】(2-64)CiCi悠游贵宾卡(2):波多黎各拥有世界上最漂亮的海滩。 Here’s something interesting. Did you know that Although Puerto Rico is not a state in the US, but it’s a commonwealth of the US, and Puerto Ricans are all US Citizens? So when you travel here from the US, you actually don’t need to bring your passport.