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    Top 4 Foods From Eastern Europe To Fall in Love With

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    We’d like to invite you on a culinary journey beyond kefir and pancakes with caviar. In a spirit of clean eating these traditional dishes from Eastern Europe take a center stage. Some of the dishes might look a bit too adventurous at first. Fear not as they’re nutritious filled and


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    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Happy Thanksgiving!


    Today I am thankful for everything little drudgery in life because it gives me an opportunity to learn, progress, and improve. I’m also super thankful to have a remarkable group of people around me. Well… sure, they may give me a hard time from time to time, but without these little conflicts, we would never bond like the way we are now. We must be able to take the best and forgive the worst of each other in order to continue on this path, right? And I am grateful for every moment of this… So how are you spending this lovely Thanksgiving today?


    Come & meet CiCi Li!

    NTD’s Fifth Annual International Chinese Culinary Competition

    Five Thousand Year in a Single Bite!


    September 27-28, 2012
    New York City, Times Square


    When someone speaks of gourmet dining, perhaps the first thing that will come to mind is an Italian dish like Carne Pizzaiola, or perhaps French like Boeuf Bourguignon, or maybe even Japanese Sea Bream Sashimi. But no one thinks of Kung Pao Chicken, Orange Beef, or egg rolls. And there’s a very good reason for it – none of this is authentic, traditional Chinese cooking. China boasts 5,000 years of jaw dropping recipes, and yet in the West, when people think of Chinese food, they usually think of cheap, low quality dishes loaded with MSG.


    NTD Television’s Fifth Annual International Chinese Culinary Competition is out to change that by bringing together the top Chinese chefs from around the world and have them demonstrate the unparalleled cooking techniques, knife skills, and imagination inherent in traditional Chinese cuisine.


    This kind of world-class cooking deserves a world-class stage. That’s why NTD hosts this yearly competition in the heart of New York’s Time Square, to elevate Chinese cuisine to an international level, so that when someone says “gourmet cooking,” they’ll think of Chinese right along with Italian, French, or Japanese.


    The competition showcases the five major styles of Chinese cuisine: Sichuan, Shandong, Cantonese, Huaiyang, and Northeastern (Heilongjiang province, Jilin province, and Liaoning province) over the course of two days, including the preliminary and finals round. Prizes will be awarded to each of the 5 cuisines including a $10,000 gold prize, $3,000 silver prize, and a $1,000 bronze prize.


    Come and meet CiCi Li and many other well known MCs at this event! I’m so excited for this event and can’t wait to meeting you!


    For more information, visit or call or text Nadia Ghattas (646) 752-4465.


    CiCi Goes to Shen Yun!

    Food, Travel, Lifestyle Videos — Be happy and be CiCiLicious!



    Stay in touch with me! Hey there, I have the greatest gift on earth for you this holiday! You don’t believe or don’t know what it is yet? Here’s what other famous people have talked about it… So now you know what I’m talking about. Shen Yun Performing Arts is for sure the greatest show on earth. They are so breathtaking and full with positive energy. They are touring around the world with brand new performances, and will be at your city soon. Check out their website for the ticket info. So have you seen Shen Yun yet?


    “An extraordinary experience… exquisitely beautiful.” Cate Blanchett – Academy Award-winning actress


    “A marvelous evening… I am completely enchanted” Her Royal Highness – Princess Michael of Kent


    “A mesmerizing performance… reclaiming the divinely inspired cultural heritage of China” Donna Karan – Creator of Donna Karan New York and DKNY


    “So inspiring. I think I may have found some ideas for the next Avatar movie.” Robert Stromberg – Academy award-winning production designer for Avatar


    “Elegant and very athletic, very skilled” John McColgan – Riverdance producer


    Natural Beauty Tips: How to Avoid Dry Skin with CiCi Li? CiCiLicious Vlog #75


    Winter brings all the dryness — American doctors name dry skin as the major skin care problem in winter. But did you know that South Africans are even more concern with dryness, because of the harsh climate and long time exposure to sun. Therefore, we are heading to RAIN Africa, my challenge is to solve the dryness problem and to unveil to you African beauty secrets, and give you first hand information.


    In Africa, rain gives life and life depends on it. The cycle of the season is born into all living things, young and old. Rain is the gift that brings simple wealth to the plains, villages and mountains. Rain is refreshing in the still heat of the day; it cools the thirsty land, awakens the senses and sharpens the aromas of the bush. The dry wind brings the gift that African people can smell, a gift that is a cause for celebration. The Sotho people use the words ‘Khotso Pula Nala’ meaning peace, rain and abundance as their traditional greeting.


    The African Landscape, so blessed with abundance, is the source and inspiration for our bath and body products. The time honoured secrets of indigenous flora and medicinal plants are gathered from the various plant regions blended into the Rain products. Kalahari Melon oil with its water retentive properties from the desert region, Baobab oil from the bushveld, Mongongo nut oil from the midlands, Marula oil and Mafura butter from the lowveld, along with palm butter, tropical coconut and castor oils, delicately perfumed aromatic and essential plant oils, our products uplift body and spirit.


    Rain products are intensively handmade. They create employment and opportunity where millions have no work and no hope. Each product wears, as a badge of honour, its unique tribute to the maker. They ought not think of irregularity as a defect. Handmade by its very definition means a delightful uncertainty when it comes to uniformity and tangible evidence that a human hand has carefully made the item.


    Time honoured african medicines have been tried and tested over thousands of years. Southern africa’s traditional healers or ‘inyangas’ have relied for centuries on the medicinal plants of the region for the ingredients of balms, tinctures, infusions and salves, gathered in the wild. The knowledge of these wise herbalists was passed on through oral tradition and today modern science has confirmed the curative value of many of south africa’s indigenous plants.


    Ingredients are wild harvested from the veld by groups of women who are formed into co-operatives. These oils are refined by laboratories in France and rendered safe and highly suitable for cosmetic use. We have made use of kalahari melon, marula, mongongo nut, baobab and mafura butters throughout our african spa range.


    This range offers scrubs, muds, butters, masks, soaks, oils — a veritable pantry from which to feed and nourish your skin in the privacy of your home or via professional spa or salon use. Their african spa range is founded on the age-old wisdom of african herbalists and perfected by contemporary botanical scientific research.


    RAIN Africa at Rockefeller Center
    59 West 49th Street between 5th and 6th Ave
    New York, NY, 10112
    Tel: 212.239.3070


    Store Hours:
    Monday — Friday: 10am — 8 pm
    Saturday: 10 am — 8 pm
    Sunday: 12 am — 7 pm

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