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    How to Make Authentic Sichuan Spicy Chili Oil Recipe

    How to make authentic Sichuan spicy chili oil recipe? Today I’m going to reveal Sichuan Chef’s secret recipes!



    1/4 of a cup of red pepper flakes
    A pinch of salt
    1/2 of a cup of vegetable oil
    1 raw cinnamon
    1 tablespoon of star anise
    1 tablespoon of Sichuan pepper corns
    3 bay leaves


    In a bowl, add


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    How to Make Food Weight Loss and Diabetes Friendly Without Utilizing Artificial Substitutes?

    CiCi and Mie


    Did you know tofu is a great substitute for butter? You can actually enjoy delicious brownies, that taste smooth & chocolate reach yet still diabetes friendly and for a fraction of the calories. New eCookbook, ‘Thinking of You’, contains Asian spin on cooking light recipes for your well being as well as weight management and includes hit dishes from Michelin rated Momokawa restaurant’s chef Mie Okuda, NYC. The recipes are diabetes, pancreatitis and high blood pressure friendly and utilize combination of healthy ingredients to substitute commonly used fatty and high glucose ingredients. What’s more, 100% (!) of all sales from this eCookbook in Dec will be donated to support stopping human rights abuse initiatives.


    We’d like to reveal a story that you might not know about actress, producer, director and TV host, CiCi Li. As a child CiCi went through a traumatic experience of human rights abuse in China. An exemplary student was kicked out from school because of her believe in Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance, the guiding principle of the traditional Chinese self-cultivation practice Falun Gong. She recalls her classmates and teachers in tears on the day she was forced to leave. It didn’t end there. Soon CiCi and her family had to flee China, country they called home. Still just a child CiCi was thrust into upheaval. At the age of 12, CiCi arrived in the U.S. as a political refugee.


    Even though it’s just one story, it is, unfortunately, representative for over 100 mil people in China and for more people worldwide.


    CiCi is convinced, ‘Food truly has no boundaries. Great food unites people; it makes people happy regardless of their color, age or religion. It doesn’t matter if you eat it with fork or chopsticks and the ultimate goal of food is to bring people happiness and joy.’ CiCi Li has teamed up with Master Chef and philanthropist Mie Okuda. They join efforts to raise $30,000 to help stop human rights abuse.


    Chef Mie has been studying nutrition for the past 30 years. Mie’s first motivation to explore the world of food and its relation to our health came from a painful experience of seeing her mom being hospitalized due to diabetes complications. In order to assist her mother in preparing appropriate for the condition meals, Mie studied all available at that time books & articles on nutrition with aim to understand why her mother got ill in the first place, how she could help and what it really means to “eat healthy”.


    Chef Mie’s most recent eCookbook  ‘Thinking of You’ contains 44 creative recipes for healthy living are steeped in the idea of giving, as they utilize combination of healthy ingredients to substitute commonly used fatty and high glucose ingredients. Did you know that in order to minimize the oil use in the dough it is very important to whip an egg and fold the dough 5-6 times to make the biscuit flaky? Now you can cook delicious ‘no-no’ dishes safely for your friends and family members who suffer from diabetes, high blood pressure, and/or are on a weight loss diet.


    Mie Okuda’s ‘Thinking of You’ is like Cooking Light with a unique Asian flare and is only $9.99!


    Where to buy ‘Thinking of You’:




    Almost Every Fifth Child in the U.S. Suffers from Some Form of Disability. Can We Help?



    November is a month of giving, which, of course, comes in so many different forms: From writing a check to volunteering your time or even just finding a place in your heart for someone with special needs. Doctor Rada Sumareva, New York, decided to do all of the above. Over 12 years ago she gathered a group of like mind professionals, those who shared the wish to give, including most recently, to improve quality of life of special needs patients. “At Russian American Dental Association (RADA) we place big emphasis on a concept of sharing. There are hundreds of organizations designed to provide help to those who need it most, however there is no real and working system of referrals among the organizations, thus patients always get only fragmented information about help that is available. We’re trying to foster closer relationship between the organizations, not only nationwide, abroad as well; share experiences, try to implement in the U.S. what has proved to be success in Eastern Europe or Middle East.”


    Echoing the challenge voiced by Doctor Sumareva, Yekaterina Konovalova, M.S. speech-language and feeding therapist through the Early Intervention Program says, “The only clinic we’ve referred so far meant a long commute for my patients.” Through attending RADA Special Care for Special Needs Campaign round table last week Yekaterina got contacts for more clinics, specializing in providing medical care to kids with different forms of disabilities.


    Here is another example of how little we know about programs designed to help: Over half a million New Yorkers pass by Coalition of the Concerned Medical Professionals building in Brooklyn every week and most of us probably don’t know that the organization advocates for uninsured population in need of medical care, without ever asking about immigration status of the patient. “We do all it takes, to the extent of delivering fresh fruits and vegetables, because if for instance we want to address diabetes in Brooklyn and Queens, that’s what needs to be done”, shares Elizabeth Stevens, President of the Coalition of the Concerned Medical Professionals.

    One more important concept implemented by RADA is focusing on abilities rather than disabilities. It sounds like such a human thing to do, yet somehow we get so absorbed by dealing with “disabilities” that forget about people behind the word. Award-winning jazz pianist, Justin Kauflin, whom you might know from documentary, “Keep On Keepin’ On,” was genuinely touched, touched to tears when he first heard from Doctor Sumareva that RADA’s philosophy is to see abilities. Justin began his musical journey at age 4 and by age of 6, was performing in concerts, nursing homes and weddings, eventually becoming concertmaster for several orchestras. Sadly, it was during this time he also lost vision due to a rare eye disease. The total blindness however didn’t stop the 11 years old boy from exploring the world of music further and building up his carrier. My guess, a good number of jazz lovers really grateful for Justin’s everyday courage.


    “They looked at me, but only saw my wheelchair,” remembers Vlady Gurari, Esq. It took Vlady 2 years, after receiving degree in law, to find a job. For the first year and half he would send out about 20 CV each day, honestly mentioning his disabilities in the resume… And not a single respond came through. Then Vlady decided not to mention his health condition at all, and thus he would get appointments. However once potential employers would see his wheelchair, the questions asked during the job interviews would have no relations to his profession and it was obvious they are not going to hire him. Now Vlady works as a Counsel on Government Relations and Regulations Hivrat Hashmal, Israel. His boss told him once, “When you work, I don’t see your disability.”


    Third concept RADA has been successfully implementing is encouraging students to get involved in charity work. Doctor Sumareva convinced, “It’s pretty straight forward really, if youth don’t get involved today who we would count on to continue our work in the future? Besides, kids are very talented, they have these wonderful, creative and bright ideas. One example–our Special Care for Special Needs video-promo was compiled by a 15 years girl!”


    Rachel Motsenyar also joined RADA Special Care for Special Needs Campaign round table last week. Rachel is currently a student and spends her breaks between semesters working at Camp HASC to brighten up days of kids and adults with special needs, “Giving truly feels like receiving to me, it’s very fulfilling. I joined the Special Care for Special Needs discussion to see if I can be of a help somehow. Perhaps there are also some collaboration opportunities for our organizations; maybe we could host a fundraising together as well.”


    Even though there are thousands of initiatives exist, public awareness of life and needs of people with limited abilities is still largely lacking. This is to say if you know anyone who is in need of special care or their relatives and friends are in search of advice and direction, please be sure to refer them to Despite the fact RADA doesn’t raise as much money as, let’s say, Red Cross, the association might be much more resourceful at a given situations thanks to a zero administrative cost and network of professionals who volunteer. This is to say if you would like to contribute, volunteer or have an extra space for a person in need in your heart, you now know one more place to go.


    CiCi告诉你非洲美容秘方!African Beauty Secrets

    【新唐人2014年04月02日讯】Rain Africa 是一個非洲的品牌,它們的產品都是天然植物和手工做成的,而且它們的成分,都是非洲古老的美容秘方。你看非洲的天氣那麽嚴峻,每天都是風吹日曬,可是非洲人看起來還是水水亮亮的,而且好像一點皺紋都沒有!


    超级食物 Superfood: Kale

    【新唐人2014年04月01日讯】生活大智慧(46)超级食物 Superfood:什么样的食物可称作〝超级食物〞?让专家告诉您!


    CiCi告诉你纽约时尚是什么样?What’s the Fashion Style in New York?

    【新唐人2014年03月26日讯】近年來紐約客喜歡的時尚也變得,越來越休閒和有性格化,他們熱愛比較獨一無二和手工做成的飾品。Artist & Flee 是一個移動市場,這個星期他剛好在Chelsea Market,他平時都是在 Williamsburg。這邊的飾品都是獨立設計師,和藝術家設計出來的。這裡也會有一些古董的飾品,而這些都是在大商店裏買不到的。