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    How to Make Youtiao, Chinese Doughnuts, the Fried Breadsticks Recipe

    Today let’s learn to cook youtiao! Youtiao (said yo-tee-ow) are also called Chinese doughnuts or fried breadsticks. The ingredients are fairly simple—flour, baking powder, baking soda, sugar, salt, and water—but the process is quite time consuming. It can take up to 9 hours. But regardless, the results are priceless.

    There’s an


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    Pad Thai Recipe: A Popular but Forgotten Dish!

    Pad Thai: A Popular but Forgotten Dish!


    So, I am Chinese born, live in the US, but would you believe it, my first language was Thai? I am sure you are asking the question, “Well how did that happen?”


    The story goes, that after being born in China, I moved to Thailand—at

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    【美食天堂】 Jing Fong Restaurant NYC 讓人難以抵擋的港式小點,郝毅博《老外看中國》


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    Longevity Chinese Beef Noodle Soup Recipe for Chinese New Year

    When I was in Taipei three years ago, I had the most memorable spicy red braised beef noodle soup at a hole in the wall place. The noodle shop had three round tables, with roughly12 chairs, and an old fashioned fan on the ceiling. I could hear the sound of

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    How to Make Heart Shaped Chocolate Lollipop for Valentine’s Day


    What first comes to your mind when I say Valentine’s Day? Some people automatically associate Valentine’s Day with pink and red roses and hearts, cupids, and lovebirds. My brain automatically conjures images of chocolates–I love those heavenly goodies, so rich, luscious, and silky.


    Today I’m going to meet up with chef

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    The Best Korean Kimchi Recipe 韓國泡菜

    Esther grew up cooking with her grandma. Grandma taught Esther everything about food, including on how to love every ingredient, appreciate and respect the process of making every dish. Esther believes that is what Korean food is all about: dedication and passing on that kind of love to people.


    So you

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    【美食天堂】The Best Malaysian Food in NYC 大馬風味家鄉菜


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