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    吃的快樂 吃的健康~ Happy eating and healthy eating!

    As the weather turns colder, my craving for hearty and comfort food grows excessively. Hmm, waffles, hotpot, beef stew, pasta with ragu sauce all of a sudden all seem so heavenly. Do you by any chance have this craving too?


    Hey but did you know that this is all normal according


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    【美食天堂】Villa Berulia Croatian and Italian Food 正向思考 美食更美(二)

    You must watch the second episode. I just finished watching it. It’s so funny and yet touching. Dan of Off the Great Wall 被我們整了,讓我又笑又哭的,我真的覺得他好可憐呀~ 还记得上一集我们的食伴Dan吗?我们为了考验一下他是不是一个好食伴,特别给他安排了种种的测试。可是让人没想到的是这一位Dan先生,不仅没有生气还完全配合。那这一集的考验将是加强升级版的!这一位好好先生,能不能通过我们的测试呢?

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    What People Around the World Eat on Christmas

    Christmas has always been one of my favorite holidays. Living in New York City, as much as I can’t stand the freezing weather, I love the Christmas spirit. The heartwarming Christmas music, the sounds of jingle bells jangling, the Christmas trees with their colorful lights and ornaments, and people gathering

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    Chinese Stir Fry Beef with Scallions Recipe 蔥爆牛肉 by CiCi Li

    Today we are going cook stir fry beef with scallions. It’s called 蔥爆牛肉 in Chinese. Scallion is a very healthy ingredient. It helps with your digestion. And it’s perfect for this cold weather. 因爲它可以散寒通陽。Chef Luo is ready to teach us. Let’s do this.

    1 lbs of beef, sliced
    6 scallions, chopped into

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    Stir Fry Singapore Noodles Recipe with Shrimps and BBQ Porks 新洲炒米粉

    Today we are going cook something very special. It’s stir fry Singapore Rice Noodles. It’s so savory and has a taste of curry. Chef Luo is right here and ready to teach us. Let’s get started.

    8 oz of thin rice noodles or angel hair, boiled in hot water
    2 eggs, beaten

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    Chinese Stir Fry Shrimps Recipes with Mushrooms 油爆蝦仁

    Today let’s cook stir fry shrimps with mushrooms. In Chinese it’s called 油爆蝦仁. It’s a traditional Cantonese dish. I’m sure you are going love it. Because the shrimps are going to be so bouncy and succulent!

    1 lb of shrimps
    A bit of scallions, ½ inch pieces
    A bit of gingers, sliced
    1 fl

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    How to Make Food Weight Loss and Diabetes Friendly Without Utilizing Artificial Substitutes?


    Did you know tofu is a great substitute for butter? You can actually enjoy delicious brownies, that taste smooth & chocolate reach yet still diabetes friendly and for a fraction of the calories. New eCookbook, ‘Thinking of You’, contains Asian spin on cooking light recipes for your well being as

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