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    How to Make Youtiao, Chinese Doughnuts, the Fried Breadsticks Recipe

    Today let’s learn to cook youtiao! Youtiao (said yo-tee-ow) are also called Chinese doughnuts or fried breadsticks. The ingredients are fairly simple—flour, baking powder, baking soda, sugar, salt, and water—but the process is quite time consuming. It can take up to 9 hours. But regardless, the results are priceless.

    There’s an


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    【美食天堂 Food Paradise】超熱門紐約街頭小吃, 不能說的秘密! The Halal Guys|郝毅博 Ben Hedges 老外看中國 |


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    Relishing a Chinese ‘Char Siu’ Rack of Spareribs Recipe


    Of the medley of meats savored across the world, spareribs may be among the most inexpensive cut—but when slow cooked, they give a flavor that’s rich and a texture that’s heavenly.


    Southern-style spareribs are held up as a scrumptious staple of family barbecues in America. And though different recipes abound—as do

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    【美食天堂 Food Paradise】美國紐約最好吃的平價漢堡 Shake Shack


    到紐約如果沒吃過這家Shake Shack漢堡店,就不要說你來過紐約!用奶油烤過的麵包,搭配100﹪認證過的安格­斯牛肉,再加上融化的香濃起司,一口咬下,淚牛滿面~~

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    Cinderella’s Shoes Shaped Duck Dumplings Dim Sum Recipe 鴨肉餃子


    Plenty of stories are told around dining tables and food that unite us. As a Chinese-American, oftentimes the magic element that brings us together is the dumpling.


    Since I was a little child, my family has gathered around the dining table and made dumplings. The sounds of chitchat and laughter filtered

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    【美食天堂 Food Paradise】美國紐約名人最愛的啪啪牛肉三明治 Katz Delicatessen


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    Tom Yum Soup, Travel to Thailand with a 10 Minutes Recipe


    The daily Thai table is traditionally laden with dishes. But when I grew up Thailand, the center of attention when we went out was always the pot of steaming hot Tom Yum soup.


    My uncle would ladle the soup into small bowls for everyone. Some of us couldn’t wait and jumped

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