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    How to Make Youtiao, Chinese Doughnuts, the Fried Breadsticks Recipe

    Today let’s learn to cook youtiao! Youtiao (said yo-tee-ow) are also called Chinese doughnuts or fried breadsticks. The ingredients are fairly simple—flour, baking powder, baking soda, sugar, salt, and water—but the process is quite time consuming. It can take up to 9 hours. But regardless, the results are priceless.

    There’s an


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    【美食天堂 Food Paradise】 紐約熱狗比賽在木瓜王 CiCi VS Mike @ Papaya King


    紐約的熱狗店這麼多,到底要吃哪個? CiCi和Mike這次要帶大家吃一家有85年歷史的熱狗老店Papaya King。吃經典熱狗搭配他們的獨門木瓜汁,這可不是台灣的木瓜牛奶哦,味道很特別~有機會到紐約別忘了試試這家超人氣平價熱狗小店!


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    【美食天堂 Food Paradise】全球僅一家!紐約可拿滋 Cronut 美食冒險


    台灣這二年也開始風靡可拿滋(可頌甜甜圈),不過,其實真正的可拿滋就只在紐約才有哦­!因為大廚Dominique Ansel在2013年發明這項甜點後,就申請專利了!究竟是什麼樣的美味讓紐約客心­甘情願在早晨6點就守候麵包店前呢?一起看看CiCi和郝毅博這次的美食冒險吧~

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    Malaysian Chicken Satay, Grilled Chicken Skewers Recipe 馬來西亞沙爹雞


    New York City, there are many Muslim street food carts that sell halal cuisine. At the same time, across the globe in Southeast Asia, a variety of Muslim street food carts also cater to the hungry with halal dishes. And one of the most popular of these is satay.


    Satay is

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    Discovering the Taste of Cool in Iced Korean Noodles, Naengmyeon Recipe


    Summer has almost arrived, and already a few days have been unbearably hot. As the temperature rises, my appetite diminishes. As I pondered what to eat on one such sizzling afternoon, Sophia Lee, the owner of miss Korea, invited me to her restaurant in Midtown Manhattan. She introduced me to a

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    【美食天堂 Food Paradise】紐約 MUST EAT 比薩店 Lombardi|第一家 NYC PIZZA 忍者龜也愛!

    紐約食物最具代表性的,除了漢堡、牛排、熱狗….當然,其實就是Pizza啦!紐­約的Pizza真的是隨便挑一間店都很好吃,但你們知道第一間Pizza店在哪裡嗎?­而且到現在還是處於不敗的地位。讓CiCi和Mike帶大家看看這家超厲害的Lomb­ardi!第一家 NYC PIZZA 忍者龜也愛!

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    The Best Hainanese Chicken and Rice Recipe 海南雞飯

    For about the three years I was living in Singapore, I remember ordering food daily from the hot and humid hawker center near my apartment. Along with customers sitting around the old-fashioned metal tables, occasionally there were cats passing under the tables shopping for their own meals. A variety of

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